Those giving an annual donation and sponsors are essential to PJPJ in helping to give the young professionals a podium.


Making an donation

Do you want to support this unique organization? Then make an annual donation. By doing so you help us give even more young jazz professionals from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague a podium.


In return for a minimum donation of 30 euros we give you the opportunity to come to the concerts (September-May). See agenda. You also receive regular newsletters from us with information over the concerts. Your annual donation is automatically extended unless you cancel before the 1st of June.

A separate gift is also welcome, of course. We request that you transfer the gifts to  NL31INGB0007819020 under the name ‘gift’.

To make a donation please fill in the contactform We will contact you soon after the receipt of the form.


Becoming a sponsor

PJPJ could not do what it does without sponsors. Businesses, other organizations and private individuals can be linked to PJPJ. In so doing we can increase the brand awareness in Voorschoten and the surrounding area. We do this by including your name and logo on the publicity surrounding the PJPJ concerts, for instance posters (75 in Voorschoten, 9 times a year) and newsletters (250, 9 times a year). You also receive publicity on the PJPJ website (this page and other pages).


In addition you can invite your friends and business relations to a splendid jazz evening in Voorschoten. The cost per concert is 5 euros per person. It is also an opportunity to show your commitment to the cultural life of Voorschoten and the surrounding area.


Not a sponsor yet? You can become one for a minimum of 250 euros per year. To become a  sponsor fill in the contactform.


What does PJPJ do for you?

  1. You receive information on the PJPJ concerts and other activities.
  2. You get free entry to the PJPJ concerts (September-May).
  3. You will be mentioned with your name and logo on the PJPJ website.
  4. You will also be mentioned on the PJPJ posters and newsletters.