Founder and chairman 1994-2015: Piet Wezepoel



Management of PJPJ

The management of the foundation is as follows:

Tjeerd Klapwijk, chairman (voorzitter@pjpj.nl)

Dave Hardy, secretary (secretaris@pjpj.nl)

Dave Hardy, treasurer (penningmeester@pjpj.nl)

Erik Albjerg, coordinator of programming (erikalbjerg@pjpj.nl)

Rini Teunissen, general member (riniteunissen@pjpj.nl)


The objectives of PJPJ are the following

1. Provide students with the opportunity to perform

PJPJ gives young jazz musicians the opportunity to acquire experience as performers to augment their studies at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague by organizing jazz concerts. The concerts represent an invaluable addition to the training they receive at the Royal Conservatoire, all helping them to embark hopefully upon a successful career.


2. Provide assistance to the students
PJPJ provides varies types of assistance to the students before, during, and after the concerts. This can, for example, be in the form of programming, technical aspects, sound and presentation.


3. Promote jazz
PJPJ promotes the playing of and listening to live jazz music by organizing jazz concerts with young jazz musicians.


4. Promote culture in Voorschoten and surrounding area
PJPJ provides the many jazz music lovers in Voorschoten and the surrounding area with the opportunity to attend PJPJ concerts regularly. It also enables jazz lovers to meet each other and in so doing contributes to the cultural life of Voorschoten and the surrounding area.



Royal Conservatoire in The Hague

The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague is pleased to collaborate with PJPJ in this initiative and regards it as a unique opportunity to bring education and professional practice closer together. The students have an ideal opportunity to work with other musicians and can showcase their talents to a wider audience.



Audio van Hooidonk, Leiden

CRealiTijd, technische workshops

Frans Spendel Makelaardij

Gemeente Voorschoten


Koninklijk Conservatorium 's-Gravenhage

Va Bene, Siciliaans specialiteiten restaurant

Praktijk Frisolaan, manuele- en fysiotherapie

René Zoetemelk, fotograaf en tekstschrijver

Sportfondsen Voorschoten

Stichting Fonds tot steun, Amsterdam

Stichting Senioren Voorschoten

J. van Vliet & Zn. Tweewielerspecialist

W. van Rooyen, veevoerders