Welcome to the Podium for Young Jazz Professionals



Since 1994 the PJPJ foundation has been providing opportunities to students of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague to acquire experience of performing as part of their studies to become professional musicians.


From September through May PJPJ organizes monthly jazz concerts in Voorschoten, a town 10 kilometres from The Hague. Students of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague who perform at these concerts arrange their own music, sometimes with their teachers. Every month a different instrument is highlighted. These PJPJ concerts are held once a month on Saturday evenings from 20.00 – 22.30 hrs in the Voorschoten Cultural Centre, Princes Marijkelaan 4, 2252 HH in Voorschoten. Entry for those who have made an annual donation to PJPJ or are sponsors is free. For others the cost is 5 euros per concert.



Founder of PJPJ, Piet Wezepoel

Piet Wezepoel, a music lover and musician, played in Dutch rock and roll bands such as the Rex Rockets and the Giants, in the 1960's. Later Piet worked at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and he also had his own company for organizing music concerts (Music Connection). Piet saw over 20 years ago that students at the jazz department of the Royal Conservatoire were looking for opportunities to perform. This was a reason for Piet to start a foundation to arrange concerts for the jazz students. Through the years he persuaded a great number of people from all over the country and from elsewhere to come to Voorschoten to perform. He also organized many performances for the “Piet den Hartog Jazz Festival” held in Voorschoten. Piet died on the 20e of October 2015 and was chairman of PJPJ from 1994 till October 2015..








Audio van Hooidonk, Leiden

CRealiTijd, technische workshops

Frans Spendel Makelaardij

Gemeente Voorschoten


Koninklijk Conservatorium 's-Gravenhage

Va Bene, Siciliaans specialiteiten restaurant

Praktijk Frisolaan, manuele- en fysiotherapie

René Zoetemelk, fotograaf en tekstschrijver

Sportfondsen Voorschoten

Stichting Fonds tot steun, Amsterdam

Stichting Senioren Voorschoten

J. van Vliet & Zn. Tweewielerspecialist

W. van Rooyen, veevoerders